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                        Art and Politics

            Art and science in politics a long healed understand together in their role such as administration and control of its internal and external functions. The thoughts surround Enlighten when we give up trying to control things we believe belittles our role as the protagonist. I beg to differ, throw art we find better ways of keeping cells of information flowing with compatibly of improving the building blocks of a project. I will talk about how politics function with Art, music, culture, governments and terrorism strongly relate as tool in balancing important in creativity. “Use by groups who are too poor to mount an open assaults using modern tool of the alienated.” Questia research Google 2012). Pin and paper becomes their first weapons.

I became confusion about art when family and friends cheered me on; Go ahead make something, anything you make is art. Overtime, I believed I could not go astray working as an artist. Although in passing times my fun, manifest into a struggle of choosing a fight as a Couse to rehabilitate. The most seductive side of art, the ability to do something that represented reality as apples having distinct marking as a matter of facts. The opposite side is antagonist changing lingo and using skills to read difference about the abstract. A daunting Task it is, I struggled with reconciling these chooses career, job. Balanced opinions; dam if I do, dam if I do not yet holding on to what works for the task. The seductive distinctive art, serve to administration operations base on abstract physic to control internal and external forces that govern using skills to make clear effective images.

Therefore, why this is so important to humans like you and I. Art, music and culture are recodes of humankind pass time with visual markings on cave walls. Can you remember why you are reading this? We find reading someone experience overtime contains small bits of unrealized information not realized as it recorded time. In world history, the oldest way record are governments how they use campaigns to eliminate the opposition. The same as animals do to make the best chance to existent. For me art is not about what I want but what I do. I do not succumb to despair but find an antidote for existent. When am along I think about all people ponder relationships between love, hate, peace, day, nights, hopes, dreams, and  Outer space as discovery. Sometimes I just shut the nose off in my head It is easy to get information overload / over react. This is how I balance thoughts, by seeing the what; I am contemplating about, as woodcarving, painting canvases, sculpturing thoughts using metaphors that manifest with basic skills of the pass.

What I learn is the word impossible, and no way is all about asking the right questions. You are as most people, working your impossible passion. There came a time where I thought or said, thinking gives me a headache, I cannot do that, I am not like them, I will never have naught money to start, dreams do not come true and on and on. You know where I am going with these reasons. Convince myself not to get started doing something. You are like most people, there came a time where you worked hard at something and it did not work out. Days later, someone said something to you about your mishap. You knew that, you think but did not act on it. Yeah, you know you thought about it. Sounds like I told you so? You thought about what being said. You realize you should have acted the step out long ago.  Everything would have work where you had thought you failed. Now go back to where you got off track and reconcile the differences.

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